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The Joy Reunion are making a name for themselves not only in the California Country scene but in country music in general. The groups amazing 3 part harmonies and songwriting skills are attracting attention from major country artists and industry professionals. The Joy Reunion will hook you from the moment you hear them sing and their songs will grab you and take you on a musical journey.

In 2021 Producers from the hit TV show “The Voice” reached out to The Joy Reunion and asked if they would be interested in being on season 21 of the popular show. The Joy Reunion accepted the invite and made a big impact during their blind audition and were chosen by Blake Shelton to be on his team.

Robert, Gentry and Neil have been singing together in church for many years. With their voices together, they found a sound that was undeniable. The band name represents reuniting with the love of music."Our name, The Joy Reunion came from being reunited with the joy of music when we found each other and our sound. We've each had our own musical journeys prior to this, and any artist knows the grind of trying to "make it" on your own in this industry can be defeating. It's so easy to lose sight of why you're doing it in the first place, but our union brought each of us back to the heart of why we make music, for the love of it.”

The Joy Reunion’s passion is simple, Storytelling and Harmony. When you listen to the lyrics of their music, you will realize that every song is a life story. The beautiful thing about the stories they tell through their music, is that they come from the heart, from personal experience, from moments of inspiration, and you get to hear true honest words of life and love from both a male and female perspective. No matter who you are, and where you are in your life, these stories will touch you.

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The Debut Album From The Joy Reunion Is Out Now!

“We’ve Come Too Far” is a musical journey, a story, telling of love, loss, passion, heartbreak and grit, family and faith - all the things that make a life. The thing about growing older is you find you have a lot more to say from your life experiences. Isn’t that what we all love about music? That you can hear a song and feel like it was written about you or for you? That you’ve been there? Music has been such a big part of our life’s journey- as with any good story, there’s the rise and the fall, the devastation and the hope in finding the strength to keep on moving forward and keeping the dream within you alive -against all odds. That moment when you say “we’ve come too far” to give up now. And something magical happens. It’s what we hope touches your heart as you hear our songs.




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